Thursday, March 27, 2014

Origin of OrgonArt: ZenSu

I am OrgonArt - ZenSu
Who and what is OrgonArt?
OrgonArt was originally created by ZenSu... The website was created in 2005 .. but the entire concept is my life as an Artist. The creative skills I use to represent ART in all its forms became OrgonArt. This is a form of modern Surrealism.

It is natural that people and artists who see my work online @ would be inspired to create their own art in similar fashion. It is not natural when people try to claim that they created OrgonArt [using my styles and design].

I am going to first explain and share what OrgonArt is from the view of the creator.

I am an ARTIST

I would never copy a Dali painting and call it my own work. As an artist I want to express my own understanding of creative skills on my own level in my own ways.

For example .. growing plants and trees is a form of ART.

As a kid I was inspired by Salvador Dali, who is quoted to have said:
"I am Surrealism."

At the same time I would not try to copy Dali's paintings and style. I simply loved Dali's work .. but I loved my own inner ART more than Dali's paintings.

I create art to inspire...

It is natural to be inspired by powerful ideas and be drawn to original concepts because of the energy involved. A high-energy artists will create a new art paradigm shared by those of like mind. This sharing is a normal and natural part of life existence.

Zensu's OrgonArt YouTube Channel shows a visual presentation of how I view and express ART. I see growing ginger and indoor turmeric as an art form. My videos are art forms. Playing Subway Surfers on my ASUS Tablet is an art form. Bamboo stick is an art form. Repairing broken cameras is an art form. Travel is an art form.

What Is OrgonArt
OrgonArt is the many faceted expression of my life and skills as an ARTIST... But what does that mean? The foundation of OrgonArt online in 2005 was a way to present a full spectrum of what art is as expressed by my own life and skills as an artist.

I paint and draw .. I create videos .. I repair cameras .. I work with bamboo .. I make my own free form Shakuhachi Bamboo Flutes .. I use crystals to create 3D art forms .. what else ?? .. I practice Karate Do as an art form .. how can one person do so many creative things in one life?

THAT IS OrgonArt !!

For many years I studied the work of Wilhelm Reich "Orgone Energy". But .. as a woman I understood this principle in a different way than Reich. Although .. I think it is possible that Reich did not go into this deeper aspect in detail so as not to appear ego-self elitist = "I am Orgonon." Salvador Dali was more down to earth when he stated: "I am Surrealism".

Ginchin Funakoshi established the art form of Karate Do that effected the whole world. Morehei Ueshiba established the art form of AIKIDO that effected the wold world. You may think these are simply forms of Martial Arts .. but they are human art forms similar to Reich's Orgone research and findings.

How I Understand Orgone
I am going to re-introduce my entire original work on .. which included my paintings and drawings as well as 3D crystal creations as forms of ART. I will explain this later in more detail. Who and what is OrgonArt ??

As a woman I began to realise that Wilhelm Reich was and is Orgonon.

I will explain this step by step .. please do not steal my work and say it is your own!

It it is not egoistic and ego-self arrogant to say that you are the founder and creator of an Event Paradigm! Original creative human beings are also seeds who share their vision and creative skills with the world. One human may be the source of the change .. but the creative and fertile change is shared with all humanity.

I understood many things about Reich...

Basically .. Zensu's OrgonArt is internal creative Chi / Qi / Prana / Orgone.

The Qi does not lie outside yourself! Reich understood this and he attempted to find a way to increase Qi .. sexual life-force / Orgone field inside humans. The key being: Inside the human form !!

In the early days of the Internet .. the World Wide Web used to be a place for Artists. That was way before Google .. Facebook .. Twitter and Corporate interests. Today Search Engines have created search algorithms to allow High Frequency "Trading" Searches .. because Search Engines have become corporate money engines!

We can change that by developing new ways to surf the web
... with new technology designs !!