Monday, June 15, 2015

How To Rule A Colony

This is a Doris Lessing "Shikasta" style revelation: How to rule a colony! It is really simple. This OrgonArt post is .. ruling a colony for DuMMiES #_# .. and this is how you do it !! 1. You give the [planetary] natives YOUR technology! 2. You control the natives USING your technology...

One example is the last 60 years of dominant powers on Earth sharing or not sharing their technology with less dominant powers [Nations]. The less understood aspect is when you share your technology you influence and program those Nations to move in that direction.

In this sense 'sharing' can be a form of restriction rather than advancement. You share low level technology with other Nations and you keep all of them at a lower level than if they opened up and developed their own technologies. In a technological sense it is like giving beads to the American Indians in return for land [resources].

The video below from Third Phase of The Moon Channel is questioning the strange objects being filmed in the skies above Germany and Austria ... what are they and why are they suddenly appearing .. out of the blue ?? They seem to be 'advanced' but maybe they are not so 'advanced' ...

If you want to influence or manipulate a PLANETARY COLONY [such as Earth] .. then you give them a limited but related technology in the same way the West give other Nations related technologies. Through technology you influence and direct the rest of the human World on Earth!

This sh#t you see that seems surreal and abnormal [strange] is simply another form of technology transfer [influence]. You rule planetary colonies through TECHNOLOGY... What I mean by this is that technology is an interactive force or an interactive form.

Different extra-terrestrial races have to develop interactive technology to influence Colony Earth. You are not going to have an effective influence unless you apply the relevant technology. They transfer their chosen levels of technology to EARTH depending on the levels of influence required.

At the same time Earth humans are at the lowest level of development!

Humans on Earth are MINDLESS. All the creatures on this Planet are more intelligent than humans. We destroy the environment .. we destroy each other .. we destroy the animals and birds .. destroy the atmosphere .. destroy the oceans! That is what I mean by lowest levels [behaviour].

Various extra-terrestrial colonisers may have goals other than their Earth human counterparts goals. Here we enter into the: How to rule a colony theory. Like .. how stupid are you? Or .. read Doris Lessing: The Sirian Experiments.
The great ocean where the islands had been was not frozen. I saw it then as I have seen it ever since. I was flying across the northerly part, and underneath me was water, where Adalantaland had been, as if it had never been. It was not that there were no islands left anywhere in those seas but that now they were clustered or fringed around the coasts of the Isolated Northern Continent on one side and the main landmass on the other – these last being the Northwest fringes that later played such a part in late Rohandan history. [The Sirian Experiments - Doris Lessing]
When you establish or fight over a Colony .. it means that it has strategic or other values for you. The other values can be resources or genetics .. travel in terms of energy fields .. or can be related to the Sun? There are lots of reasons...

The head of the horse is related to the body of the horse. When outside influences cut off the body of the horse [humanity] they also kill the head of the horse [the elite]. When you kill the head you kill the body and when you kill the body you kill the head.

When you want to rule a colony you do it though technology transfer!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Contact Orbs

I have been aware of and studying the UFO phenomenon since I was a kid. Before I went to school .. I was seeing and interacting with various other dimensional species. These other dimensional life forms all have access to and can use this 3D interactive space. This is why people experience a wide variety of contacts.

Just as in 3D reality you have birds .. trees .. animals and insects all using the same reality space. The same reality space you also use .. where in that space you can meet birds flying or maybe a wasp is flying around. It is the same with other interactive dimensions. They can all use out localized space for observation or contact.

There is another thing I discovered [or figured out] .. and that is most other dimensional and extra-terrestrial beings are using the same or similar technologies. They develop technologies to interact with this space-time zone. The technologies are similar due to the space-time restrictions and basic universal laws.

Recently I left my appartment to go to the local store. At the time I thought: I must go to the store! Next is I had a choice to leave in one direction or turn to leave in another direction [because there is a central courtyard. I wanted to go straight ahead and something [instinct] made me turn to walk around the open courtyard.

If I had not turned to walk in the direction I did then I would not have see the orb hovering in the sky above the courtyard. I saw the orb straight away because I always look at the sky. Also because the orb was hovering where I would see it.

I never assume what I am seeing is a UFO .. I always observe to understand what is this? At first I thought it might be a small balloon. I stopped walking to get a better feeling for its dynamics. The light grey orb was stationary rotating around its own axis. It was not floating like a balloon upwards or to the left or to the right.

The stationary orb had other abnormal paranormal activities [behaviour]. It would move closer or further away in micro-seconds that made it difficult to see clearly. For some reason I could detect the strange movement [pattern]. The orb was not moving and yet is WAS moving. Always rotating around its own central field.

When you see floating balloons they do not have a defined darker line around the outer edge. This orb did have a darker line around its perfectly round circular form. Usually balloons are not a metallic grey colour .. although I do not attribute the orbs grey appearance to being metalic.

After a short time the rotating orb disappeared...

I thought of running back to get my camcorder .. but something in my mind knew that when I return there would be nothing to film. I decided to observe and not run back to the appartment for my camera. This has often happened to me that I have to choose between observation and a camera.

Direct observation experience is totally different than filming an unusual object with a camcorder of camera. The direct observation experience is more intense. Filming objects with a camcorder .. the energy goes more into filming than experiencing. There is no comparison between the two.

I became aware different beings are observing Earth all using similar technologies. The beings and their origins [and intentions] are different .. but they mostly use similar technologies to interact with Earth humans for a variety of reasons.

What I am saying in this post is that you may see planes taking off and landing at an airport from many countries around the World. Planes may be from Indonesia .. China .. Europe .. India .. Russia .. Middle East [all totally different human cultures] .. but they are all using similar technologies!

The key questions are not WHAT you are seeing .. but WHO is using them !!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Extra-Terrestrial Question ...

We recently had a video 2015 project in Catalonia: Foresight 2020 ... Where skilled and expert astrologers and financial market experts gathered to talk about and discuss current World affairs and the unknown future. Not everyone at the meeting felt comfortable with the topic of 'extra-terrestrials' and thousands of years of Earth human relationship with the paranormal, other dimensions and extra-terrestrial contacts.

I was part of the Ground Crew filming the meeting using two video cameras: Panasonic Pro DVC30 with external XLR audio microphones and the Panasonic HC-W858 with an external shotgun microphone. This was not a professional but an artistic project .. where technical is a tool of the creative.

The Extra-Terrestrial Question
It is popular today to talk about extra-terrestrial UFO [advanced technology] disclosure .. but the real question facing Earth humans is: Do people want to know the truth? The question is not .. do extra-terrestrial civilizations exist? The question is not .. are UFOs real? The real question is: Do humans want to know the truth!

Earth society is split into those who already know the truth .. those who want to know the truth and those who are in total denial and do not want to know anything outside of their restricted personal view. There are people on this Planet who do not want to hear that extra-terrestrials exist and that they have been interacting with mankind for thousands of years.

Not everyone taking part in the Foresight 2020 Meeting felt comfortable with the 'extra-terrestrial' issue. One of two asked: In what way is any of this relevant to the real world? What relevance does this have to economies and financial markets or even our day to day lives?

It was not so much a question but a statement .. this has no relevance!

The extra-terrestrial and UFO crash evidence relevance to our every day world was the rapid development in technology we benefit from today as a result of ongoing back-engineering of everything found in the recovered UFOs. With regard to this one would have to research the Colonel Phillip Corso revelations and related disclosure by people previously involved in those areas such as John Lear and Bob Lazar.

Probably the most important relevant of the extra-terrestrial connection to our lives on this Planet is that Earth humans are a HYBRID RACE. Why is this so relevant? Because we are totally destroying this Planet and destroying most of the other life forms who share this Planet with us humans!

Human Hybrid Environment

We are the 'aliens' [on Earth]. Simply put .. humans are hybrids who are not suited to living on the surface of the Planet. Human hybrids need hybrid environments without which they cannot survive. Humans are the ETs .. it is just they do not yet realise it .. nor do they realise the implications.

Humans are the only creature on this Planet who depends on the skin of plants and animals to survive = clothe themselves. We have to build shelters and rely on external heat source [or air conditioning]. All the other trees .. plants .. animals and birds live outside in Nature 24/7 Winter and Summer. The environment does not kill animals and threaten their existence .. humans do!

Humans are the only species who rely on vast amounts of resources in order to simply exist. Building houses [hybrid shelters] .. heating those shelters [fire / electricity] .. stone .. wood .. sand [concrete] .. metal. Most important of all is that humans destroy the environment on which they depend for their existence.

The insecure hybrid [designed to live in an artificial hybrid environment] is unsuited to living on the surface of the Earth. We are destroying all the animals .. the birds and the fish in the sea. Not only eating them but also completely destroying their natural environment. There has to come a point where people stop and realise there is something wrong with this behavior!

One part of the story is the hybrid environment creators dumped humans on the Earth in their current forms and they left. They could not take Earth humans with them because the biological bodies had been designed to utilize the bio-field of this Planet. It was a no win situation!

The extra-terrestrial question is related to how we live on this Planet today and how we do not care that we destroy everything around us. If we cared about this world we would not destroy it .. right! Now scientists say that we have to find a new Planet before this one is completely destroyed. Then what? Destroy that Planet also?

Nothing that we do or say as a planetary species adds up!

If we do not figure out the extra-terrestrial question .. then we are not going to figure out who we are and where we really came from and why. Those people who do not want to address any of this really don't care that they are destroying the land .. forests .. nature .. the birds habitat .. trees and the water resources that we all share.

Every life form on this Planet shares water!

Hybrid humans behave as though water exists only for them... When it comes to natural resource conflicts generally human society puts itself uber-first over all other life forms. This is in itself a contradiction as humans rely on all other life forms and resource for their day to day existence. The question is: Where is the screw loose? How do we fix it?