Monday, May 26, 2014

Dali Castle Black UFO Phenomenon

Project Aquarius - Project PLATO .. was established in 1960 after the United States made contact with "alien civilizations". The mission of "Project Plato" was an attempt to establish diplomatic relations with these so-called "aliens". Project Plato took whatever steps necessary to prevent public dialogue and disclosure.

Dali Castle Dark UFO Phenomenon

Filming the Dali Castle September 6, 2013 .. no one saw the dark UFO nor the one frame black streak in the sky that later was observed to have appeared on the video.

In a frame by frame analysis a small black UFO appears out of the top left of the video frame and moves very fast from left to right .. hovering four frames above the Dali Castle tower.

A black one frame streak appear to the left of the Dali tower and the black UFO object quickly shoots off to the right of the tower. We noticed this because of the quick one frame flash of the dark almost Chemtrail like lines that appears in the sky.

A closer analysis not seen in the video because it moves too fast and is too small .. is the appearance of the UFO and its sudden very fast disappearance from left to right.

Here is the .. One frame JPG of Dali Castle Phenomenon

Monday, May 12, 2014

Testing Tap Water Rain Water [TDS]

Wilhelm Reich was born on March 24, 1897 in Galicia, in the easternmost part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now Ukraine. He grew up in the Bukovina on a large farm operated by his father. His first language was German, and until 1938 he was an Austrian citizen.

The tap water rain water total dissolved solids test happened out of curiosity. The TDS meter is used to check the purity of filtered water and later to check the part per million [ppm] of colloidal silver water. Making a comparison between bottled water .. tap water .. filtered water and distilled water became a small project to test roadside rain water.

Wilhelm Reich discovered that by using hollow metal pipes attached to cables inserted into ground water created an orgone-energy-system stronger than that in the surrounding atmosphere. The water - which attracts and absorbs orgone - draws atmospheric energy through the pipes.

With a rain water ppm of 37 / 36 .. why are we not harvesting rainwater? As the rain falling from the skies overhead is much more direct than piping water hundreds of kilometers through leaky copper pipes.

Rain water on asphalt not contaminated with mud = 36 / 37 parts per million total dissolved solids. Popular bottled water = 652 ppm and tap water = 300 ppm. Apart from the fact that one cannot tax not charge for direct rainwater collection. The higher cost to society is degraded pip tap water or bottled water with all the resource costs involved in centralizing water distribution.

Humans have space stations orbiting the Earth .. but we cannot develop technology to safely collect and utilize rainwater? That makes a lot of sense!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

ZenSu OrgonArt - Water Gravity Density

The problem with the material sciences
is that they try to define (fix) reality through set paradigms.
- ZenSu

I was studying the 2013 and 2014 dense smog and fog in China that also descended around Paris, France. The set paradigm authorities and Climate Change promoters claimed this is a result of pollution and (of course) cars.

This is only PARTIALLY TRUE...

I have been quietly and carefully observing this phenomenon over many years .. when I saw significant changes early in 2013 and continuing into 2014 .. appearing to get worse in some parts of the world. It is not that simple!

January 1, 2013 Smog Not Smaug
January 22, 2013 Winter Haze - Europe's Air Stinks!
December22, 2013 The Desolation of Smog

One man's misfortune is another man's luck .. or so they say.

From the beginning of 2013 China began to suffer some of the worst smog and fog in relatively modern times. Unknown to "science" I noticed something locally that started me thinking. As China struggled with its dense smog and fog problems .. Central Europe had next to no low dense smog / fog.

By this I mean .. prior to January 2013 we had some pretty ugly dirty smelly (unreported by any media) dense smog and fog. The Central Europe mists and fog would descend December to January and continue until .. maybe February March. The worst dirty grey smog / mist was January .. in general.

In that time prior to January 2013 .. China did not have the really bad dark smelly dense smog they experienced in 2013 and also experienced in Jan / Feb 2014. Guess what .. when China and later Paris were experiencing their worst fog in most recent industrial times .. I noticed locally we have had no smog and no fog = ZERO !!

Human beings are not understanding that the problem is not "pollution" .. but the problem [as Wilhelm Reich understood] is the gravity density of atmospheric water. The way society creates and uses energy alters the gravity density of water. Technically .. one can say this is heavy metal organic pollution of the atmosphere and environment. This is a sub-truth of the TRUTH.

OrgonArt - Water Gravity Density
I am trying to use words in a new way to convey as accurately as I can what I see and understand outside of the current fixed world paradigm(s) of material sciences. Physical elements polluting water within the Earth's atmosphere is a tiny and misleading part of the physical problems we face as physical humans living on this Planet.

The real issue - not addressed by the material sciences - is that the elements .. the so-called physical pollution .. alters the resonant magnetic frequencies [resonant field] of water [atmospheric water]. This is also a magnetic phenomenon.

Industry creates micro-changes in the gravity and density of [atmospheric] water. The local water gravity density + - is altered and these endless alterations in the molecular gravity of atmospheric water droplets = their total atmospheric mass .. creates clean air or dense smog.

I know some of you are going to understand exactly what I am saying.

The danger of how we create energy lies in how we alter the + - magnetic polarity [density] of atmospheric water droplets = their total combined mass. The eco system of the Planet was designed to deal with variations in water gravity density and to regulate those changes. Over time the Planet regulates / re-balances changes in atmospheric water density .. otherwise we would all be dead.

The real issue and the real problem is that industries produce or create changes [imbalances] in atmospheric water density as fast as the eco-system can clean it up. In other words .. the Earth's biosphere continually re-charges optimum water gravity density .. which supports all biological - organic and chemical life.

When I use the words water gravity density .. I am not using these words in common scientific terms. I mean that atmospheric water droplets have an optimum + - magnetic charge [balance] beneficial to life in all its forms.

This is why I say in my recent posts that OrgonArt is an original conceplt I created that has nothing to do with "orgonite" and modern concepts of what Wilhelm Reich tried to do in his effort to work with the living biosphere of this Planet.

I am an ARTIST and true science is ART = ALCHEMY is ART.

Pollution Free Environment
From my observations fog .. mist and smog have + - vibration frequency cycles that rotate around the entire Planet. Prior to 2013 the dirty smelling fog was hanging around Central Europe and by early 2013 this dense fog was being experienced in China and in 2014 it was hitting areas of France. This has something to do with the rotational magnetic cycles of the Earth over long term atmospheric cycles.

What is the answer?

Industry [very simply] only have to alter the + - magnetic frequency of the waste they produce. This is a no-brainer !! The atmospheric water molecules problem manifests when human energy waste emissions interfere and alter the healthy balanced + - gravitational polarity of the water droplets = their total and combined mass. I hope you are still with me!

Of course .. industry have to understand the natural Earth resonance + - frequencies optimum for life on this Planet. The overall protection element in this new science is that anyone attempting to use this destructively in the negative will destroy themselves.

Add to this that there is a powerful [supernatural] planetary rebalancing phenomenon that can overcome nefarious attempts to manipulate the atmosphere against the yin yang balance of the Universe. You mess with the Earth = you mess with the Universe .. and so it has no weight or dynamic on local nor Universal levels.

You have to think about it like this...

Industry pollutes the atmosphere in ways they really do not understand. They don't care .. they just want to produce energy. 1. The whole issue is about water. 2. Atmospheric water. 3. The polarity of water. 4. The gravitational density of water. 5. Magnetic frequency of water droplets. 6. Each tiny atmospheric water droplet = total mass.

This also applies to fresh water on land .. in pipes .. in rivers .. in lakes .. as ice ..

water is life !!