Monday, May 26, 2014

Dali Castle Black UFO Phenomenon

Project Aquarius - Project PLATO .. was established in 1960 after the United States made contact with "alien civilizations". The mission of "Project Plato" was an attempt to establish diplomatic relations with these so-called "aliens". Project Plato took whatever steps necessary to prevent public dialogue and disclosure.

Dali Castle Dark UFO Phenomenon

Filming the Dali Castle September 6, 2013 .. no one saw the dark UFO nor the one frame black streak in the sky that later was observed to have appeared on the video.

In a frame by frame analysis a small black UFO appears out of the top left of the video frame and moves very fast from left to right .. hovering four frames above the Dali Castle tower.

A black one frame streak appear to the left of the Dali tower and the black UFO object quickly shoots off to the right of the tower. We noticed this because of the quick one frame flash of the dark almost Chemtrail like lines that appears in the sky.

A closer analysis not seen in the video because it moves too fast and is too small .. is the appearance of the UFO and its sudden very fast disappearance from left to right.

Here is the .. One frame JPG of Dali Castle Phenomenon

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