Thursday, June 5, 2014

Strange Chemtrail UFOs

Why are so many UFOs captured on video around Chemtrails?

I did not set out to film a UFO .. they were so fast I did not see the lights as I filmed the Chemtrail flight crossing the sky. It is my theory that there are a LOT MORE unusual light phenomenon and so-called UFOs that no one is aware of .. because we do not point cameras at empty space of the skies in daylight .. but we point cameras at Chemtrails !!

Unboxing and testing my new Panasonic HC-V550 with 90x intelligent zoom [20 May, 2014].. and what better than a ChemTrail on a clear day for testing the camera zoom quality !!

When reviewing the filmed sequences for upload I noticed the two white UFOs crossing the ChemTrail from top left to right. They travel into the video frame from the top left corner at 0:26 and the lights disappear off fame at 0:28 - better viewed in Full Screen.

I made a frame by frame analysis and the two lights cross the video frame in 27 single frames. I am not an expert in video analysis and I had problems with the conversion.

The next problem I had was the YouTube upload *- )

The point is this .. all I was doing was to test the new Panasonic HC-V550 .. and I tested the camera in natural surroundings to try to get a feeling for the cameras dynamics and limitations. I also have a tendency to point cameras up towards the sky !!

Maybe in a past life I was an astronomer ??

As I review the UNBOXING SEQUENCE .. I notice a fast light cross the sky behind the ChemTrail .. and I investigate!

As a Tech Geek .. I was more interested in the camera than on the plane .. the ChemTrail and anything else in the sky. I love cameras and I love technology .. and I was simply testing the hands-on technology!

We humans also live in a multi-dimensional Universe ..
a deeper spiritual technology! Of which we are also a part of !!

It would appear that unusual phenomenon in our skies is in a highly active state .. the only factor as to why it is unusual is because we humans do not see it. Unless these lights slow down it appears that the human eye does not register their activities. They are too fast for us to see. Does an ant see an Airbus flying overhead? It is the same with humans!

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