Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Decaying Extra-Terrestrial Genetic Markers

The title of this post sounds kind of complicated .. and so let's simplify it. After many many years observing aging white western Earth Hybrid Humans .. some of what I see does not add up. For example .. there are certain types of European origin hybrid genetics that seem to totally fall apart and reverse as the physical body ages.

What do I mean by this?

There are Earth humanoid hybrid genetics on Earth much older than the more modern Mars based genetic mix that established the white European and Middle Eastern genetic strains on this Planet. The older Earth humanoid hybrid genetic strains populated the Earth long before the introduction of the Martian genetic strains.

You can see the difference in terms of aging.

Take the Tibetan genetic strains that are possibly pre-Atlantis genetic humanoid presence on Earth. Despite their extremely hard life the Tibetans genetics age [decay] in a less dramatic [degenerative] way than the more modern white European genetics strains. Part of the reason is their origins and who created them.

The varying levels of aging .. degeneration and collapsing genetic bonds in hybrid Earth humanoids are all related to their origins and who created them. In some cases: Who patched them together. The more modern European humanoids [originally from Mars] were patched together rather quickly and in a careless way.

Decaying Extra-Terrestrial Genetic Markers
When the more modern and most recent genetic hybrid [Martian] humanoid race was added to Planet Earth .. there were other older Earth Hybrid Humans living on the surface of the Planet. It is not really correct to refer to the dark genetic races as black. The dark races have a defining genetic signature that has nothing to do with COLOR as a definition of RACE.

I don't know all the details of what they were originally called. All I am told is: Kemet. There was a time on Earth where races were not defined by their COLOR. The black people .. the yellow people .. the red people .. and the white races did not inhabit Earth at that time. White Martians came to Earth much later.

The rapid physical genetic degeneration within the quick stir-fry white Martian [hybrid] Earth humans who migrated to this Planet after a planetary [Martian] emergency began to shock the hidden extra-terrestrials who helped create suitable humanoid bodies capable of inhabiting the Earth's bio-spheres.

At first the white Earth humanoid bodies lasted [lived] longer .. they were stronger .. taller .. embodied higher intelligence frequencies. The first Europeans did not come out of some Eastern land to migrate into the European continent. The white races came [migrated] from another Planet. All they needed were Earth compatible genetics.

Whoever patched the genetics together did not do such a good job!

As a result .. in varying degrees .. the white [European] genetics are collapsing .. decaying [that is another word for REVERSING]. What I mean by this is that the white Martian genetics were a mix of other ET races and a mix of primitive Earth creatures genetics. Earth humans are not monkeys .. but some variations of monkey DNA were added to the mix.

I do not want to go into details about how many strange early humanoid races were added to the white Marian mix .. for that .. read Tolkien's - Lord of The Rings. But .. as a result some DNA pathways are breaking down in reverse as the white humans age. It is not happening across the board [yet] .. but some DNA pathways are reverting to their original mix as the human body physically ages.

The problem with this is that the original consciousness gets warped.

I could be wrong? But .. I think a higher level consciousness probably warned everyone involved not to go down that road. Because .. the way you mix a stir-fry is as important as the ingredients. When I observe white European variations in aging .. some genetics sort of hold together in a more dynamic way. Other genetics are clearly collapsing and showing degenerative reversals into their genetically mixed states.

I can say: It did not used to be like that!

This high level of genetic collapse and degeneration is not taking place in all Earth humanoid [hybrid] races. It depends on the mix. I called this post: Extra-Terrestrial Genetic Markers .. because that is a big part of the puzzle and a big part of the problem. In whatever way they stir-fried white Martian genetics with other extra-terrestrial DNA and added a salty mixture of non-human Earth DNA strands? This has cause a dilemma!

You are not going to cross-strand your way out of this....

The same organizations trying to re-modify white European DNA genetic strand cohesion also actively destroyed the life's work of Royal Rife and Wilhelm Reich to name but two !! Their research was focused on a solution to this degeneration problem [issue].

Royal Rife and Wilhelm Reich incarnated into white European genetics in order to understand the problem from inside and find the solutions. The problem is you cannot use those healing pathways if your consciousness is backward [much worse than regressive genetic pathways issues.

You have to understand the whole genetics of a race .. the whole DNA is connected as ONE. As I have said before: The head of the horse is connected to the body of the horse .. and the body of the horse is connected to the head of the horse. In simple language: The genetics are one = they are connected.

Have you ever watched how decay works its way up the vine?

Genetic race cohesion has nothing to do with individual DNA and it has everything to do with shared genetics and shared DNA. When I see levels of deterioration and genetic reversal .. I know this is going to effect generations into the future. In fact .. it is speeding up. The decay was slow and now it is getting much faster. Karma?

When you look into the future and there is no future...