Saturday, June 21, 2014

Space Cities of The Future

Space Cities return to Planet Earth!
Over the next 1,000 years .. a planned return ..

The true definition of OrgonArt is almost like Dali .. the Master of Surrealism.

Very few people know that Salvador Dali worked with crystals and that he considered himself an accomplished "magi" .. a Master of the Elements. It is no accident that Dali chose to live in Catalonia and it is no accident that he created the works of art that are now iconic to contemporary art .. surrealism.

What does this have to do with the Space Cities of the future?

The basis of our conception "OrgonArt" includes a harmonic balanced way of living with the environment and with ourselves. This balance is also achieved through ART .. but what does ART have to do with technology and connection with humans and space?

It is all connected!

If you carefully observe humans [observe yourself] .. the human genome did not originate on this Planet = Planet Earth. Humans are a complex mixture of different genes originating from different areas of the Universe. To understand this simply look at our out-of-place vulnerabilities.

Humans are naked .. we have to wear the clothing of plant fibers and animal skins to exist and survive. No other creature on Earth has to wear the skin of another animal to SURVIVE. Simply look all around you and really pay attention.

Trees live outside growing in the local environment with no shelter and survive .. where we humans have to build shelters and create our own little environment to survive. Animals .. insects .. fish and birds all wear their own skin and live out in nature and they all survive. The only long term ongoing danger to their existence is the human being.

The human being is probably the MOST DEPENDENT life form on Planet Earth. Humans depend on EVERYTHING .. and we are the only species on this Plant that has such excessive dependence on Earth's resources. Humans need rocks .. clay .. wood .. stone and metal to build shelters! We need fish and plants and birds and animals to feed us! We need all of the same to CLOTHE us! Humans need fire to keep warm [modern electricity].

Have you ever watched animals drink water from puddles .. streams and rivers? Cats and dogs .. birds and wild animals drink water where they can find it and THEY do not get sick. When humans drink water from these sources we get sick!

This is where we introduce: Space Cities of The Future. The reason why we do this is because the human race all came from outside the Earth and were cultivated on this Planet in a similar way to how we cultivate plants and trees and medicinal herbs. That [in itself] does not make us smart!

Space Cities of The Future
Humans currently live in a brutal state regardless of the advancements in technology. Someone external to us gave us those advancements .. the key point being that human beings have the ability to interact with these technologies. Once again we are depending on something OUTSIDE ourselves to support our existence.

The next step in this adjustment of the human species will be advanced space cities of the future. When the ancients left Earth they all said: "We will return!" This very simple statement was turned into a "religious" phenomenon of extraordinary proportions.

When someone you live with leaves the room and says to you: "I will be back in five minutes... " When they return you do not go down on your knees and say: Oh! My! God! Oh-my-god .. OH MY GOD .. when they return to the room! It's the same principle!

There is one key aspect to the development of these space cities that are essentially "Contact Centers" and this may come as a surprise to those who believe that the current paradigm will control the future of Earth.

This is not so much INCARNATION .. but is more INTEGRATION. The cohesive integration of a Planetary species. The other species living in this Galaxy do not have to support or work with the Human species .. they could simply wipe us out. They don't need us .. we need them. So why bother?

Humans are the most destructive species on Earth!

One inter-related aspect is that there is a mixture of one type of female genes and another type of male genes .. all from different origins. Females have a stronger bond to their genetic origins than males. This fundamental exists throughout the Universe .. as well as throughout the Galaxy. There are reasons for this I wont go yet into!

The advanced females are not SENTIMENTAL .. they are superbly PRACTICAL.

You have artists like Salvador Dali and Van Gogh .. also Chinese .. Tibetan .. Japanese .. ARTISTS who are part of the yin female legacy = CREATION is ART. When we talk about female genetics we are also talking about their powerful manifestation within the male species on Earth.

We do not mean human male genes are "retarded" .. they are too interested in WAR!!!

The space cities of the future are also Planetary works of ART .. but not in the way we currently understand ART. Connection can be an art .. integration can be an art .. development can be an art .. innovation can be an art .. co-operation can be an art .. love can be an art and CONTACT is an ART!

Contact to what?

This is where the feminine comes into closer relationship to humans on Earth = contact to ONESELF. First there is inner contact and then there is outer contact. Seeking balance will allow humans to grow and develop in ways that are presently unimaginable.

Everyone talks about EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT .. and no one seems to realise that extraterrestrials hold us at a distance and mostly refuse to connect or interact with man. The reason for this is inner human violent psychotic state and ego self-indulgence(s).

Initially there will be prototype space cities on Earth where only certain types of spirit-soul incarnations will be allowed to exist inside those contact areas. The criteria for these contact areas will go back 2,000 years or more in terms of spirit energy incarnations.

When everyone talks about DISCLOSURE .. they just don't GET IT in terms of the past 2,000+ years of total degradation of the human psyche and of human sexuality and extreme violence towards women .. nature .. plants .. animals .. insects .. birds and fish.

No one tells you that ETs can read all these signatures within the mirror of the soul...

The space cities of the future are going to be more space restricted areas as was in the past before the domination of the Roman Empire. We know a lot of people try to blame EGYPT for this current mess .. but that is NOT THE TRUTH. Early Egyptian Civilisations did not create this mess. We currently created this mess for ourselves.

The key dynamics this is that ART is connected to LOVE is connected to COMPASSION is connected to INNOVATION is connected to NATURE .. is connected to IMAGINATION is connected to CREATIVITY is connected to OURSELVES .. is connected to the UNIVERSE... More simply = Yin / yang balance.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Strange Chemtrail UFOs

Why are so many UFOs captured on video around Chemtrails?

I did not set out to film a UFO .. they were so fast I did not see the lights as I filmed the Chemtrail flight crossing the sky. It is my theory that there are a LOT MORE unusual light phenomenon and so-called UFOs that no one is aware of .. because we do not point cameras at empty space of the skies in daylight .. but we point cameras at Chemtrails !!

Unboxing and testing my new Panasonic HC-V550 with 90x intelligent zoom [20 May, 2014].. and what better than a ChemTrail on a clear day for testing the camera zoom quality !!

When reviewing the filmed sequences for upload I noticed the two white UFOs crossing the ChemTrail from top left to right. They travel into the video frame from the top left corner at 0:26 and the lights disappear off fame at 0:28 - better viewed in Full Screen.

I made a frame by frame analysis and the two lights cross the video frame in 27 single frames. I am not an expert in video analysis and I had problems with the conversion.

The next problem I had was the YouTube upload *- )

The point is this .. all I was doing was to test the new Panasonic HC-V550 .. and I tested the camera in natural surroundings to try to get a feeling for the cameras dynamics and limitations. I also have a tendency to point cameras up towards the sky !!

Maybe in a past life I was an astronomer ??

As I review the UNBOXING SEQUENCE .. I notice a fast light cross the sky behind the ChemTrail .. and I investigate!

As a Tech Geek .. I was more interested in the camera than on the plane .. the ChemTrail and anything else in the sky. I love cameras and I love technology .. and I was simply testing the hands-on technology!

We humans also live in a multi-dimensional Universe ..
a deeper spiritual technology! Of which we are also a part of !!

It would appear that unusual phenomenon in our skies is in a highly active state .. the only factor as to why it is unusual is because we humans do not see it. Unless these lights slow down it appears that the human eye does not register their activities. They are too fast for us to see. Does an ant see an Airbus flying overhead? It is the same with humans!