Sunday, April 20, 2014

OrgonArt Is Not Orgonite

OrgonArt inspired by Nature through dreams ... - ZenSu

I think it is okay for people anywhere in this world or on the Internet to be motivated and inspired by the work of an original artist .. but it is not okay when people try to claim that they created the work .. designs and manifestations .. of an original ARTIST.

The artist is perhaps the highest form of enlightened being on Earth in terms of transformation and timeless shared visions. Art can be cooking .. gardening .. writing .. music .. painting .. designing .. and also living!

OrgonArt Is Not Orgonite!
I did not create OrgonArt as a copy to the work of Wilhelm Reich! By the time ZenSu's OrgonArt website was put online in 2005, we understood our own completely unique perception of how life works on multiple levels .. on multiple dimensions through complex energy interactions.

Matter is energy!
We tested so-called ORGONITE for ourselves .. created with our own hands .. and we studied the effects for ourselves over two years. Then we realised our own inner understanding of our hands-on work and experiences. This is similar to the Martial Arts .. where you see generation after generation building and adapting the same basic principles of movement and alignment .. lifetime after lifetime.

There is an unspoken code between artists .. be your own Master!

Dreams Create Reality...
OrgonArt originally came into being from a dream: Master of The Vortex .. which really took place and really happened. This dream took place months before events unfolded into physical present world reality.

OrgonArt and working with crystals came into being out powerful dreams we were having that simply effected us and taught us how to create in this world the things we saw in other worlds "dream states". This is the principle we teach people as we were shown through our dreams.

Testing the so-called "orgonite" .. we found out from hands on experience and observation that the key is energy and that this energy is all around us. The energy that brings balance and health is not concentrated in physical objects. That the human body is the highest "accumulator" and if the structure of the cells lose their resonance vibrations then nothing on this Earth is going to correct that from outside.

One can patch up the resonance to some extent .. but the person is going to have to rely on an outer patch-up as long as their inner cellular resonance is not accumulating the living planetary chi force. Yogis bury themselves inside the earth when they fast for months because the earth has the most concentration of chi energies.

You go out into space .. there is nothing out there that can help you survive! Planets were created to allow life forms to exist on physical and spirit energy levels. Anything we create is dependent on the Earth or on the Planets we inhabit at any point in space time.

It is the same with orbs and light-energy forms picked up on infrared spectrum. These full spectrum energy forms live off the same planetary chi field as the physical (incarnated) life forms. We all depend on the same source.

We then discovered something more powerful than so-called orgonite and orgone accumulators .. that is ART. Nature is the ultimate artist and Nature teaches us and shares this wealth of art. Nature is our teacher. In a way Nature (life) designs humans as living forms of art .. living art forms.

There are so few real artists on this Planet because most people choose to live mundane lives. Living for the self .. for the ego and for the pleasures of the self. Very few understand what Wilhelm Reich was talking about! One needs to have an artists mind to understand Reich and his work. One has to see and think like an artist!

Wilhelm Reich's MIND interacted with Nature directly to do all the things he could do. The tools he used are a side issue. We humans are so obsessed with material physical reality that we do not even take one step to understand the real world beyond the physical tools we use.

For example, take "pleasure" .. satisfying the needs and desires of the self.

There is a state beyond petty desires and pleasures of the self that humans never reach because they are endlessly caught in short attention span ego pleasures that are of short duration and that have to be refilled. In that state of mind so-called "orgonite" is not going to help you!

But .. always at your side is NATURE .. teaching you when you are ready to listen.

Art has another purpose! Art is not an intermediary between you and Nature. Art is a living energy signature that acts like a timeless circuit reflecting the chi energy (like a mirror) beyond the concept of linear time. We may live in different time zones .. but art is timeless.

This is why ART connects all the time zones seamlessly.

It does not matter if you are experiencing Mayan art .. Chinese art .. Egyptian art .. Martian art .. Celtic art .. Tibetan art .. the brain immediately sees .. reads the signature and understands. Like a mirror .. each observer understands themselves at any point in space time.

Art is a signature for the state of mind beyond pleasure of the ego .. a state that is beyond self-pleasure .. the pleasures of the self .. that is not gone in a few seconds. The state beyond self is not a short attention span short lived state.

To serve the pleasures of the ego takes life energy.

To chase after the strike a match pleasures of the ego costs energy. People are paying for the inner circus in terms of life force energy depletion. That is DOR depletion. One uses up essential inner life force and one is left with the lower energy fragmentation that then builds up in the organs and can cause physical and emotional sickness.

There are two main forms of ego attachment on this Planet: Indulgence or total self-denial. These are two sides of the same coin. Both give power to the ego. One has to go beyond the ego completely. If one tries to suppress the ego .. one is still giving power to the ego.

This is the spirit in which OrgonArt was created.

Of course we are artists .. we are students of Nature .. guided and taught by Nature. The motivation is: How can other human beings effortlessly come to this state under their own power and move to this other level beyond ego pleasures of thought? The only way we know how to communicate this is through art. If you observe the world around you .. the whole world relies on art and design for its existence.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

OrgonArt Principle

I am now going to share with you the OrgonArt principle I discovered that applies to all things. From years of research as an artist the defining signature of my work was the creation of: "OrgonArt".

The human being is the resonator .. orgone (chi) accumulator .. the human mind is the tool we use to apply the technology encoded inside us. My work as an ARTIST is to inspire others to discover and apply their own inner expression of ART = who they are.

In my research and observing what is I discovered that the best "orgone fields" are created by Nature and not by anything we humans create in a material sense. The whole Planet is supporting us and anything we build is a drop in the oceans compared to the REAL ARTIST .. Mother Nature. To that you can add The Universe.

ZenSu - OrgonArt Principle
This orchid did not flower for three years .. but I kept watering it and we lived together quite happily without the plant having to produce flowers. I did not feed the orchid any special plant food .. only water.

Suddenly in April 2013 I noticed a long a green shoot and small buds at the top of the green stalk. The orchid is right at the window protected from direct sunlight by a bamboo shade.

Four orchid buds appeared on the green stalk and in 2013 three of the orchid flowers blossomed. The very last smaller orchid bud did not open .. the bud remained a bud and 2013 became 2014 with no change in the orchid's growth. In April 2014 the orchid bud simply opened!

These are my teachers .. these are the forces that educate me .. guide me and teach me .. all I have to do is listen and be aware .. pay attention to what is.

The framework can be five years to learn ONE lesson! This post took five years to come into being. THAT is OrgonART !!

Why did the orchid do what it did? I don't know! How did the orchid do what it did? I don't know!

Is the orchid aware? Yes! Did the orchid plant keep the last blossom to flower in 2014? I think so .. that is the feeling that I get looking at the plant with totally new eyes .. new awareness and new understanding.

The OrgonArt Principle: Nature loves us!

Do plants and trees know change is coming? I have evidence that they do know .. but that is another post! Do plants and trees observe humans? They do observe us .. they are part of us .. but that is another post.

I discovered that our human contribution to the orgone or chi field is minimal.

Nature is designed and built to create a powerful living biosphere we all inhabit.

Human to Human Art
What place does human art have in creating a livable and healthy chi field... For this one has Feng Shui and understanding geomantic alignments. Related to this is ART. Nature teaches us art every day of your lives. The next level from this is human to human art.

We immediately began to understand that to say an object alters the surrounding environment is wishful thinking! Humans love to dream .. but sometimes they dream up funny stuff! The environment effects us and we humans have to adapt to changes in environment.

The reason people became afraid of what Wilhelm Reich was doing at the time .. is because Reich figured something out for himself .. he tested and applied it and it worked! No one yet understands HOW it worked and what Reich was able to do.

Reich understood how to interact with the Earth's planetary field.

He did this with his mind [as an artist] and his paint brushes .. his tools .. were accumulators and cloud busters .. or atmospheric resonance fields. Reich's canvass was the atmosphere or the structure of the atmosphere and the atmosphere around humans [bio field].

In relation to our individual capacity as humans today .. Reich was a "magician".

Wilhelm Reich could do stuff none of us can do today .. because he was an ARTIST and he understood his own ART. He understood the atmosphere .. either around the Planet or around humans. He was able to interact directly with that atmosphere to either modify it or change it.

In reality, Reich understood one key principle: We don't change the atmosphere .. the atmosphere changes us. Just as the orchid .. effecting my life and my understanding and relationship with life changed me .. our relationship with the field creates the artist in us.

When our relationship with the field [including collective relationship] is polluting the air .. the results we see like smog is the relationship given back to us. THAT is our painting .. or collective painting .. work of art.

Reich figured out: You change your relationship with the field and the field [atmosphere] shows you or manifests your changing relationship work of art. We humans do not control the field .. but the field responds to us on its terms and on its own level.

One could say my relationship with the orchid created the four new buds.

But .. I created nothing!

What are Climate Variations?

Our relationship with the field is changing *- )

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

OrgonArt - Human Orgone Field

As we were working with crystals through 2003 - 2004 it became clear to us that so-called Orgone Devices were / are - from our own experience useless. Michael St.Clair and I worked on our own styles of Orgone Cones in the initial phase of testing.

The reason OrgonArt website and design came into being by 2005 .. is because we discovered [or realised] that the human body as a work of art of Nature is a living Orgone Accumulator. Wilhelm Reich did not externally heal the body using his unique design of Orgone Accumulator. He simply re-set the bodies own inner resonance.

If anyone studies Reich's work they will understand that he based his findings on the necessity of a "sexually" balanced human as being necessary for mental and physical health. What Reich called Orgone is also known as Prana .. Chi .. Ki .. Qi .. sexual force.

The reason Reich linked sexual health to "orgasms" is because the orgasm is a vital part of a human's connection to themselves on complex inner energy levels. One could say that the orgasm is a natural work of art within the human form.

OrgonArt is more related to the complete balance of sexual Qi and vital sexual life force. In that respect one would have to study Master Mantak Chia "Universal Tao". Orgone energy / sexual life force is much more complex than "SEX" or how we view sex.

Sexual life force maintains every part of the human body and mind. This is the core energy that powers everything we do in life including the immune system .. cellular resonance .. functions of the brain .. energy of the bones .. emotions .. and I will go into this in much more depth later.

Human Orgone Field
Over many years we worked to test and refine what worked for us rather than just assume that if you put certain materials into resin that this will create a powerful external Orgone Field. If you carefully observe Nature .. nothing in life works this way!

We soon discovered that the ESSENTIAL Chi resonator .. the essential Orgone Accumulator was the human body. It was the human body [mind] that resonated in various ways to affect its surroundings. The resonance could be positive or negative .. increasing Chi or depleting Chi .. increasing Orgone or depleting Orgone.

We humans are affecting our environment BIG TIME with our mental states [energy].

The fact is that true works of art throughout the centuries affect the state of the human mind in mysterious ways .. and that is the inner "Orgone Accumulator". It does not matter if it is cave art or Chinese/Japanese art .. if it is Van Gogh .. Dali or Monet .. Celtic art or African .. Egyptian or Greek. Art is Art!

OrgonArt not only became working with crystals as art forms to affect the mind .. but that the human being .. each human being .. is a work of art of Nature. We developed this concept that goes beyond simple "Orgone Fields" and "Chi Devices" to understand the human interactions with art in all its forms.

One could say that we are: Interacting Art Forms.

OrgonArt was conceived to move beyond the banal base confusion that exists today and apply what is many thousands years old understanding of the human form .. Qi life force .. energy meridians .. Pranic Energy .. and what has now become known as the Martial Arts.

Initially I took this whole development offline .. because it seemed that no one could understand it. The vast array of information seemed to be confusing and lacking cohesion. I then later tried to keep it simple. I was left with a big hole. Now I have to put this concept back online .. because you cannot simplify ART.

The human Orgone field .. the human Chi field .. Prana field does not regenerate itself from outside. We regenerate from within and that is the way we are designed. If a device boosts someones energy field and it does not take hold within the physical / energy fields then the inner field will collapse again.

Ultimately .. we are talking about the balanced healthy flow of Qi .. sexual life force within the body. Stagnation in Qi will potentially compromise mental and physical health .. although the body intelligence seeks ways to circumvent these energy depletions.

OrgonArt was a concept of complete inner human harmony as a work of art.

In that respect the human being is the work of art of Nature. The life of a human being is the complete work of art within that lifetime. The human is like a canvass on which life paints its Mandala In RELATIONSHIP .. where our inner reactions also effect the painting.

Deeply understanding this is called: The Art of Life.