Tuesday, April 8, 2014

OrgonArt - Human Orgone Field

As we were working with crystals through 2003 - 2004 it became clear to us that so-called Orgone Devices were / are - from our own experience useless. Michael St.Clair and I worked on our own styles of Orgone Cones in the initial phase of testing.

The reason OrgonArt website and design came into being by 2005 .. is because we discovered [or realised] that the human body as a work of art of Nature is a living Orgone Accumulator. Wilhelm Reich did not externally heal the body using his unique design of Orgone Accumulator. He simply re-set the bodies own inner resonance.

If anyone studies Reich's work they will understand that he based his findings on the necessity of a "sexually" balanced human as being necessary for mental and physical health. What Reich called Orgone is also known as Prana .. Chi .. Ki .. Qi .. sexual force.

The reason Reich linked sexual health to "orgasms" is because the orgasm is a vital part of a human's connection to themselves on complex inner energy levels. One could say that the orgasm is a natural work of art within the human form.

OrgonArt is more related to the complete balance of sexual Qi and vital sexual life force. In that respect one would have to study Master Mantak Chia "Universal Tao". Orgone energy / sexual life force is much more complex than "SEX" or how we view sex.

Sexual life force maintains every part of the human body and mind. This is the core energy that powers everything we do in life including the immune system .. cellular resonance .. functions of the brain .. energy of the bones .. emotions .. and I will go into this in much more depth later.

Human Orgone Field
Over many years we worked to test and refine what worked for us rather than just assume that if you put certain materials into resin that this will create a powerful external Orgone Field. If you carefully observe Nature .. nothing in life works this way!

We soon discovered that the ESSENTIAL Chi resonator .. the essential Orgone Accumulator was the human body. It was the human body [mind] that resonated in various ways to affect its surroundings. The resonance could be positive or negative .. increasing Chi or depleting Chi .. increasing Orgone or depleting Orgone.

We humans are affecting our environment BIG TIME with our mental states [energy].

The fact is that true works of art throughout the centuries affect the state of the human mind in mysterious ways .. and that is the inner "Orgone Accumulator". It does not matter if it is cave art or Chinese/Japanese art .. if it is Van Gogh .. Dali or Monet .. Celtic art or African .. Egyptian or Greek. Art is Art!

OrgonArt not only became working with crystals as art forms to affect the mind .. but that the human being .. each human being .. is a work of art of Nature. We developed this concept that goes beyond simple "Orgone Fields" and "Chi Devices" to understand the human interactions with art in all its forms.

One could say that we are: Interacting Art Forms.

OrgonArt was conceived to move beyond the banal base confusion that exists today and apply what is many thousands years old understanding of the human form .. Qi life force .. energy meridians .. Pranic Energy .. and what has now become known as the Martial Arts.

Initially I took this whole development offline .. because it seemed that no one could understand it. The vast array of information seemed to be confusing and lacking cohesion. I then later tried to keep it simple. I was left with a big hole. Now I have to put this concept back online .. because you cannot simplify ART.

The human Orgone field .. the human Chi field .. Prana field does not regenerate itself from outside. We regenerate from within and that is the way we are designed. If a device boosts someones energy field and it does not take hold within the physical / energy fields then the inner field will collapse again.

Ultimately .. we are talking about the balanced healthy flow of Qi .. sexual life force within the body. Stagnation in Qi will potentially compromise mental and physical health .. although the body intelligence seeks ways to circumvent these energy depletions.

OrgonArt was a concept of complete inner human harmony as a work of art.

In that respect the human being is the work of art of Nature. The life of a human being is the complete work of art within that lifetime. The human is like a canvass on which life paints its Mandala In RELATIONSHIP .. where our inner reactions also effect the painting.

Deeply understanding this is called: The Art of Life.

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